About Our Shade Trees

Shade Tree Sizing

Our shade trees are from 6-8’ tall unless noted and have light to moderate branching. Please make sure to plan to soak roots for up to 24 hours prior to planting. Check out the Crabapple page for more ornamental options!

2023 Apple season runs from Sept. 1st through Oct. 29th. Our spring nurser season will be open again in 2024. Pre-ordering begins in January of 2024.

Royal Red Maple (sold out for 2023)

 Sizes: 35′-40′ height & 25′ spread (mature)

Prices: Bare Root: $56

Zone: 4-7

These are currently 8’+ tall. Dense shade tree with glossy maroon red foliage all season. Limited availability.

Autumn Blaze Maple (sold out for 2023)

 Sizes: 50′-60′ height & 40′ spread (mature)

Prices: Bare Root: $56

Zone: 4-7

Currently 5’+ tall. Hybrid of silver and red maple has rapid growth and good drought tolerance. Rich green leaves turn to brilliant orange-red fall colors. Limited availability.

Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple (sold out for 2023)

Sizes: 50′-75′ height, 50′ spread

Prices: Bareroot: $65

Zone: 3-7

Currently 5’+ tall. Rapid growing tree with glossy, green leaves. Spectacular orange, red and yellow fall colors.

Paper Birch

Sizes: 40′ height, 30′ spread

Bareroot Price: $35.00

Zone: 2

These are currently 5’+ tall. Very cold hardy white barked birch tree. Trunks are red-brown when immature. Outstanding yellow fall color.

Showy Mountain Ash (sold out for 2023)

Sizes: 20-25′ height, 20′ spread

Bareroot Price: $49.00

Zone: 2

Showy red fruit is known as a good source of food for birds. Beautiful white flowers in the spring. Green foliage turns red in the fall. Very cold hardy, ornamental tree.

Weeping Willow (sold out for 2023)

Sizes: 35-45′ height, 35′-40′ spread

Bareroot Price: $44.00

Zone: 3

Very cold hardy weeping willow. Beautiful golden stem color. Green foliage turns yellow in the fall. Prefers plentiful moisture.

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