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 *Raspberries are 1 year old dormant bare root plants that generally bear the next year. The everbearing varieties will typically have a very small crop the same year as planting. Raspberries are self fruitful and do not require a pollinator.
RED, YELLOW and PURPLE Raspberry Bareroot Pricing
5 for $26.25 ($5.25 each)
10 for $51 ($5.10 each)
25 for $118.75 ($4.75 each)
BLACK Raspberry Pricing

$6 each (no bundle discounts, very limited supply)

Opening Saturday, September 3rd for 2022 Fall apple season.

Nova – Summer bearing red (sold out for 2022)

Prices: Bare Root: $26.25 (5), $51.00 (10), $118.75 (25)
Zone: 3-8 (Summer Bearing)
Ripens: Mid July

High-yielding variety with bright red fruit great for fresh eating, freezing or baking. The cane is nearly spineless and the primocane will bear an additional small fall crop.

Killarney – Summer bearing Red (sold out for 2022)

Prices: Bare Root: $26.25 (5), $51.00 (10), $118.75 (25)
Zone: 3-7
Ripens: Late July

Large red berries with great aroma and flavor suitable for pies, freezing, canning, fresh eating. Released in Manitoba in 1961, very cold hardy.

Heritage – Everbearing Red (sold out for 2022)

Prices: Bare Root: $26.25 (5), $51.00 (10), $118.75 (25)
Zone: 4-8 (Everbearing)
Ripens: July & Early September

Extremely firm, brilliant red berries. Superb for freezing and delicious for table use. Outstanding classic raspberry flavor.

Caroline - Everbearing Red

Prices: Bare Root: $26.25 (5), $51.00 (10), $118.75 (25)
Zone: 4-7
Ripens: Late June and Early Sept.

Caroline has become a very popular Midwest everbearing variety. Very large berries, ripens slightly earlier than Heritage.

Royalty – Summer bearing purple

Prices: Bare Root: $26.25 (5), $51.00 (10), $118.75 (25)
Zone: 4-8 (Summer Bearing)
Ripens: Late July

This large-fruited sweet purple berry often out yields reds. Very good processing and fresh eating. Berries can be eaten in the full red stage or at the “overripe” stage where it nearly equals a black raspberry.

Anne – Fall bearing yellow

Prices: Bare Root: $26.25 (5), $51.00 (10), $118.75 (25)
Zone: 4-7 (Fall Bearing)
Ripens: Late August – Early September

Fabulous flavor! High yielding berry with a unique sweet flavor. Very large fruit.

Bristol – Summer Bearing Black Raspberry (sold out for 2022)

Prices: Bareroot: $6 each. Unfortunately, no bundle discount. Very Limited Supply.
Zone: 4-8
Ripens: Late July

Firm, large fruit. Very good for canning and freezing. 1934 New York release.

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