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High Quality, Pastured Raised Pork

Growing Practices

Grandview is just beginning to raise high quality, pastured pork as part of the orchard ecosystem. Pigs are actually native to forests so our orchard environment is right up their alley!  Our pigs begin rotating through the property in the spring and finish the fall season with consuming our cider pulp and windfall apples. Their main source of nutrition is from grazing, apples/cider pulp and some rooting, but they are also supplemented locally grown, organic grain.

Our pigs are a source of fun for our visitors and many are surprised at how goofy they are, how fast they run and how tidy pastured pigs actually are! NOTE: Our pigs are not among the trees during harvest. They are fenced in around the periphery prior to and during harvest.


Apple pests such as plum curculio lay their eggs in the apples, the apples fall to the ground and the larvae burrow into the soil to overwinter thus continuing the life cycle. It is vital for orchards who do not use harmful insecticides to pick up their windfall apples. This, along with cider pulp, becomes a waste product. Feeding this to our pigs helps break up pest cycles, keeps the fertility on the property and produces some tasty, healthy pork!

Interesting fact

Grandview was started over 100 years ago and the original owner, a Swedish immigrant, raised apple finished pork recognizing the synergy!

Grandview brats, sausages and cuts of pork can be purchased in the Grandview store during the Spring nursery season or Fall apple season. 

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Nursery Stock Trees

Grandview has a selection of fruit trees, small fruits and shade trees along with a limited selection of perennial flowers and grasses, a few of Lisa’s favorite heirloom veggie starts and seed from Seed Saver’s Exchange!

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View some of our other delicious, natural products. We have apple cider in half and full gallon barrels, pies made from our apples along with locally made: honey, maple syrup, jams, wild rice blends and salsa. A little of something for everyone!

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