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Peach Trees

Our peach trees are only available bareroot. They are self-fruitful and do not require two for pollination. Growers in warmer regions of Zone 4 or those in Zone 5 will have more success than colder regions of Zone 4. A rich well-drained soil, a windbreak, all day full sun and generous mulch will increase chances of success! NOTE: If you do not like to take a risk, don’t plant peaches in Zone 4! 🙂

2024 Pre-ordering has begun although we are still making updates!

Redhaven Peach

Sizes: 12′-15′ at Maturity
Prices: Bareroot: $ 43*Please see nursery homepage for pickup info. Remember, we do not ship.
Zone: 4
Ripens: Early to Mid August

A wonderful sweet/tart blend. Medium sized freestone fruit excellent for fresh eating or canning.

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