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2021 Apple Season – Apples are sold out for 2021!

Grandview Orchard is over 100 years old and can be found in the beautiful rolling hills east of Antigo! Grandview is the beautiful “old style” of orchard with free standing trees that are not trellised. It is a very rare orchard with the apples being produced completely free of synthetic chemicals.

Our Varieties

Our apples are produced completely free of synthetic chemicals and are available as pick-your-own (Saturdays only for 2021, last day October 9th) or pre-picked. We have over 30 varieties of apples either in production or coming into production and they range from beloved heritage varieties such as Duchess of Oldenburg to the ever popular Honeycrisp.


Duchess of Oldenburg (not available in 2021) – 1800’s Russian variety. Superb pie apple. Limited quantities although we’ve replanted more!
Viking – Very aromatic, tart apple. Excellent fresh eating or cooking. Dark red skin with white flesh.
Redfree – Sweet, crisp, firm. Excellent fresh eating and sauce apple.
Beacon (not available in 2021) – Tart, firm apple very suitable for fresh eating or baking. Beautiful dark red apple. Cross between a Wealthy and Malinda. One of the first releases of the University of Minnesota.
Wealthy – Wonderfully crisp, juicy, refreshing. Excellent fresh eating or sauce. Originated in 1868 and was the first apple to thrive in Minnesota after years of trials by a determined private citizen! Became a cornerstone of the University of Minnesota’s breeding program.


Haralson – Superb pie apple! This is also a great fresh eating apple if you like tart. Firm, crisp apple that is one of Lisa’s favorites! This is a 1913 release from the University of Minnesota. It is thought to be a cross of the Wealthy and Malinda. Sound familiar to the Beacon? 😊
Honeycrisp (Limited in 2021) – Known for it’s crispiness! Excellent dessert apple. The cell size is twice the size of other apples giving it that crispiness. It requires a little extra management from the grower, but you might say it’s worth it! Originated in the University of Minnesota program.
McIntosh – Aromatic, old time favorite. Developed in Quebec in 1798 and there are now many strains. Wonderful all-purpose apple. Cooks down very well.
Liberty – Crisp, sweet juicy apple best eaten fresh, but suitable for cooking. Developed at Purdue, a cross between the Macoun and a Purdue apple.

Cortland – Superb fresh eating and pie apple. Holds it’s shape in pies. McIntosh x Ben Davis cross originated in Geneva, New York released in 1898.
*Special note – Cortlands and McIntosh are highly susceptible to apple scab and are tough to find grown without the contact-burn fungicides that are typically used in orchards. We are quite proud to be offering these varieties grown completely free of synthetic chemicals.


Spartan – Crisp, sprightly dark red apple. A favorite of those who know it! Excellent dessert apple, but can also be used in cooking. Originated in British Columbia in 1936 and is a McIntosh x Newtown Pippin cross. One of Lisa’s favorites!
Macoun – Medium – sized aromatic apple best eaten fresh. Another of Lisa’s favorites! Delicious! Originated in 1909 in Geneva, New York and is a McIntosh x Jersey Black cross.
Regent – Outstanding all purpose apple. Crisp, sprightly flavor. Excellent eaten fresh and holds it’s shape well in pies. Popular sauce apple.

Varieties being established or re-established for future years:
Sweet Sixteen
William’s Pride
Wolf River
Golden Russet

Where to Buy


Closed for the 2022 nursery season. SEe you this fall for apple season!

Nursery Stock Trees

Grandview has a selection of fruit trees, small fruits and shade trees along with a limited selection of perennial flowers and grasses, a few of Lisa’s favorite heirloom veggie starts and seed from Seed Saver’s Exchange!

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View some of our other delicious, natural products. We have apple cider in half and full gallon barrels, pies made from our apples along with locally made: honey, maple syrup, jams, wild rice blends and salsa. A little of something for everyone!

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