Thank you to all for a fun nursery season! 2023 pre-ordering will start in January 2023!  

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About Our Nursery Stock

WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME! You love plants! We love plants!

We are now closed for the nursery season.

We love to see you, but please note that the orchard/nursery store is NOT open and available for customers/visitors outside of business dates/hours.

How To Pre-Order
2023 ordering will begin in January 2023. Regular shopping is available

How to Pick Up Your Order – NOTE: WE DO NOT SHIP!

Bareroot vs. Potted
Our trees are sold bareroot in the spring. We occasionally pot a few extra trees, but the absolute best way to plant trees in our climate is bareroot in the spring using the inoculant that we provide. We do have many other plants available in the store both bareroot and potted. 

Bareroot Room
Grandview has cold storage to properly store bareroot trees and plants until purchase/pick-up. PLEASE NOTE: bareroot plant roots should not be allowed to dry out or freeze and should be planted within a couple days of removal from cold storage unless you have acceptable storage conditions. Also, please be prepared to soak your plant roots before planting for best results!

Planting Zones
Please purchase plants that are suitable for your zone! Grandview is careful to offer Zone 3 & 4 appropriate plants. Grandview is in Zone 4a. If you are in Zone 5 or 6, our plants will still work for your zone! Plug your zip code into this handy USDA Zone Map!

Plant Warranty

Plants are warrantied through June 10, 2022. If your plant does not leaf out by this time, we MUST be notified by this date. For a replacement the following year, you must bring your receipt plus the plant. NO EXCEPTIONS. We also welcome a discussion regarding soaking, planting, soil, amendments, watering, etc. to try to figure out what happened. We want you to be successful. 


Nursery season is in the spring. 2023 availability will be updated by mid-january and pre-ordering will begin at that time.

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