Our Growing Practices

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“”-Growing Practices

Welcome! Grandview Orchard uses regenerative agriculture practices to produce our products completely free of synthetic chemicals while always improving the soil and ecosystem. We also do not use the typical “organic approved” fungicides. This style of management is far from the typical orchard management and the collaboration with like-minded growers has been greatly enjoyed! 2021 marks the sixth year of Grandview’s regenerative production practices and progress is slowly and surely happening! You can rest assured that our apples, apple products and orchard-raised meats are nutrient dense and free of harmful residues.

“Organic” Food

We believe that “organically and/or regeneratively”-raised food should be easily accessible and affordable. As Grandview works towards a more closed-loop system, continue to improve on the orchard’s reduced needs for outside inputs while producing a more nutrient-dense product. This is the hallmark of regenerative agriculture. Every product or input that is ever used in agriculture has consequences beyond the desired effect, so we try our best to make those positive.

Visit Us & Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about our practices, we try to accommodate tour requests. Orchard tours can be geared towards your interests whether it’s casual curiosity or you’re looking for more technical information. We are very interested in teaching, sharing information and talking with others who have similar interests or goals. Of course, our work and commitments need to come first and we do need to charge a minimal fee for tours, but we will do our best to accommodate!

Closed for the 2022 nursery season. SEe you this fall for apple season!

Nursery Stock Trees

Grandview has a selection of fruit trees, small fruits and shade trees along with a limited selection of perennial flowers and grasses, a few of Lisa’s favorite heirloom veggie starts and seed from Seed Saver’s Exchange!

Browse Our Other Products

View some of our other delicious, natural products. We have apple cider in half and full gallon barrels, pies made from our apples along with locally made: honey, maple syrup, jams, wild rice blends and salsa. A little of something for everyone!

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