ABOUT The Orchard

About the Orchard

Grandview Orchard is over 100 years old and can be found in the beautiful rolling hills east of Antigo! Currently, there are over 500 mature semi-dwarf trees with about 600 more semi-dwarf and dwarf trees coming into production. Grandview is the “old style” of orchard with free standing trees that are not trellised. Over 30 varieties of apples are either grown or coming into production. A kitchen has been added to provide fall orchard-goers with delicious pies, caramel apples and flavorful cider!

Grandview is owned and operated by Lisa Rettinger. Lisa is an Antigo native who is a complete fanatic about local food and regenerative agriculture. 2019 will be Lisa’s fourth growing season and she is excited for you to come out and enjoy the orchard!

The orchard opens in late summer and visitors can browse the store, pick-your-own apples, stroll through the orchard, visit our friendly orchard pigs and enjoy some of our homemade apple products! Horse-drawn tours are available on selected dates.

Our Varieties

Our Varieties

our apples

Our apples are produced completely free of synthetic chemicals and are available as pick-your-own or pre-picked. We have over 30 varieties of apples either in production or coming into production and they range from beloved heritage varieties such as Duchess of Oldenburg to the ever popular Honeycrisp.

More variety info coming soon!

About Grandview Orchard

Grandview Orchard is a beautiful 100+ year old apple orchard located just outside the city of Antigo at the intersection of County Rd F & Orchard Rd.

Nursery Stock Trees

We have a selection of fruit trees, small fruits & shade trees along with a limited selection of perennial flowers & grasses, heirloom veggie starts & seeds!

Management Practices

Grandview Orchard has a selection of delicious apple varieties for you to choose from. You can pick your own apples or buy them in pre-picked containers.

Grandview Orchard

W8086 County Rd F

Phone: 715-216-5821

Grandview Orchard Hours

Pre-orders being taken now! Opening for the season on April 20th!
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