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Peach Tree Sizing

Our peach trees are from 12-15′ Height & Spread.

Nursery Season is April 18th through June 6th. Pre-Ordering available now!

Contender Peach (Sold Out 2020)

Sizes: 12′-15′ height & spread
Prices: Bare Root: $37 Potted: $55
Zone: 4
Ripens: Mid-late August

This freestone peach self pollinates. Sweet, extra-juicy frit excellent for fresh eating, canning, baking, an freezing. NOTE: This tree is rated for Zone 4, but is very difficult in colder regions of Zone 4. Winter hardiness during tough winters can absolutely be an issue. This tree is for the more “adventurous” northern grower. Much higher rates of success in Zone 4b or Zone 5.

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