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Organically Raised Apples!

2016 marks the first year that Grandview Orchard’s apples were produced using organic methods free of synthetic chemicals

Overall management practices focus on soil health, reduction of pest/disease pressure, ecosystem diversity and quality/nutrient value of the fruit. Please check back in the future to find more information on our growing practices!


Grandview Orchard Hours

Pre-orders being taken now! Opening for the season on April 20th!
(715) 216-5821


Nursery Stock Trees

Grandview has a selection of fruit trees, small fruits and shade trees along with a limited selection of perennial flowers and grasses, a few of Lisa’s favorite heirloom veggie starts and seed from Seed Saver’s Exchange!

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View some of our other delicious, natural products. We have apple cider in half and full gallon barrels, pies made from our apples along with locally made: honey, maple syrup, jams, wild rice blends and salsa. A little of something for everyone!

Grandview Orchard

W8086 County Rd F

Phone: 715-216-5821

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