Closing for the season 10/21/19 - 10/20 is our last day

2020 Nursery Stock Ordering Starts Mid-January 2020

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About Our Nursery Stock

Dig in the dirt! Plant stuff! Experiment! Have fun!

Bareroot vs. Potted
Trees are dug in the fall after they’ve gone dormant and stored bareroot through the winter in cold storage. They are either sold bareroot or they are potted up and sold that way. I HIGHLY recommend planting bareroot trees in the spring using the root dip that is provided. We are happy to talk to you about those advantages! Grandview has bareroot trees available through Memorial Day. Potted trees are available through June 9th.

Bareroot Room
Grandview has cold storage to properly store bareroot trees and plants until your purchase. Our bareroot display room will also be open through May 18th. PLEASE NOTE: bareroot tree roots should not be allowed to dry out or freeze and should be planted within a day or two of removal from cold storage unless you have acceptable storage conditions.

We’re happy to prune your bareroot trees for you at the time of purchase or your pre-order can be pruned for you ahead of time. The first year is about establishing roots and pruning can significantly help your tree establish itself!

Pre-orders can be done by filling out and emailing the order form. Bareroot orders must be picked up by May 18th. Pre-orders must be paid for in advance either by check in the mail or online checkout. PLEASE NOTE THAT GRANDVIEW DOES NOT SHIP PLANT MATERIAL.

Tree Sale Volume Pricing Discount

10+ Bareroot or Potted Trees = 10% off

Many plants need a pollinizer meaning that you need two or more varieties of the same species. Information is available in each plant section. Also, the more plant diversity you have (anything from fruits, native plants, dandelions, white clover, etc.), the better chance you have of attracting pollinators such as bumble bees or mason bees. PLEASE LIMIT OR ELIMINATE HARMFUL CHEMICALS. I RECOGNIZE THIS IS NOT ALWAYS EASY.

Planting Zones
Please purchase plants that are suitable for your zone! Grandview is careful to offer Zone 3 & 4 appropriate plants. Grandview is in Zone 4a. Plug your zip code into this handy USDA Zone Map!

Tree Warranty
Plants are warrantied through July 15th of 2019 assuming careful, proper planting and care of the plant. Insect damage, rodent/deer damage, acts of nature (wind, hail, lightening, etc.), mechanical damage is not covered. If the plant does not leaf out or it dies, a one-time replacement will be provided either the same year or the following Spring depending on availability. However, Grandview must be notified by July 15th, 2019 and the dead plant along with the plant tag and receipt must be presented to pick up the replacement. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have multiple plant failures, we welcome a discussion to try to help troubleshoot the problem. We want you to be successful with your plants!

Grandview Orchard Hours

Closing For the Season on 10/21/19
Our Last Day Will Be Sunday, 10/20/19

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