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Honeyberries belong at every house in Lisa’s opinion! They bloom before everything else which is great for attracting native pollinators. Honeyberries do not require acidic soil (like blueberries) and they typically produce fruit in the beginning of June! Fruit look like oblong blueberries and can be eaten fresh or used for pies, jams, etc. This is a great addition to your edible landscape.

Honeyberries are sold in gallon pots and are priced at $15.25 each. Two different varieties are required.

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Berry Blue (Sold Out)
Sizes: Height 4′, Spread 3′

Prices: $15.25

Zone: 3-8

Berry Blue is a vigorous variety producing fruit that is perfect to pick and eat on the spot! Use Tundra or Borealis to pollinate.

Borealis (Sold Out)
Sizes: Height 4′, spread 4′

Prices: $15.25

Zone: 3-8

Taste has been compared to blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and black currants. Excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C. Pollinate with Berry Blue or Cinderella.

Tundra (Sold Out)
Sizes: 4-5′, Spread 4-5′

Prices: $15.25

Zone: 3-8

Large fruit with berries that taste like wild blueberries with a hint of black currant. Use Berry Blue or Cinderella to pollinate.

Cinderella (Sold Out)
Sizes: 3′, Spread 3′

Prices: $15.25

Zone: 3-8

Delicious eaten fresh, on ice cream, in pies or make into jelly. Cinderella will mature smaller than the rest of the honeyberries. Pollinate with Borealis or Tundra.

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