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*Our grape plants are available potted only.
Potted: $10.75 each

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Prices: Bareroot: $8:50 Potted:$11.00

Zone: 3-8

Very cold hardy blue-black grape excellent for juice or jelly.


Prices: Bareroot: $8.50, Potted:$11,00

Zone: 4-8

 Very good table quality, northern replacement for the Concord. Very close to the Concord but with more tender skin and greater cold hardiness.


Prices: Potted:$10.75 each

Zone: 4-8

Green-white grape good as a dessert and wine fruit. Very vigorous, disease resistant.

Frontenac Gris

Prices: Bareroot: $8.50, Potted:$11.00

Zone: 4-8

Coppery-peach grape with the aroma of peach and apricot. Very desirable for white wine making, fresh eating and desserts. Excellent disease resistance.


Prices: Bareroot: $8.50, Potted:$11.00

Zone: 4-8

Red wine variety with excellent cold hardiness and disease resistance.

St. Theresa

Prices: Bareroot: $8.50, Potted:$11.00

Zone: 4-9

Mostly seedless purple grapes. Excellent table grape that can also be used for juice or jellies.

Somerset Seedless (Sold Out)

Prices: Bareroot: $8.50, Potted:$11.00

Zone: 4-8

Seedless table or juice grape with excellent flavor. Bears heavy crops of high quality seedless grapes.

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