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Gooseberry Pricing

*Our gooseberry is available potted only.

Potted: $12.75 each

Grandview Orchard Hours

Open By Appointment Only

Pleae Call Ahead

Phone: (715) 216-5821

Hinnomaki Red (Sold Out)

Prices: Potted:$12.75 each

Zone: 3-7

Ripens: July

Finnish variety with superb flavor and high yields. Excellent eaten fresh or they make an outstanding pie. They are very adaptable. Ripens in July.  No pollinator needed.    


Prices: Potted:$12.75 each

Zone: 3-8

Ripens: July-August

Glossy Round berries are firm and plump. Rich berry taste is sweet and satisfying. No pollinator needed.

Black Velvet

Prices: Potted:$12.75 each

Zone: 4-7

Ripens: July

Heavy yields of grape-sized, dark red fruit. Fruit is sweet with a blueberry flavor. Vigorous growth. This new cultivar is a winner!

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