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Currant Pricing

*Our currant is available potted only.

*Please be aware that currants and gooseberries are secondary hosts for white pine blister rust. This typically does not affect the currants or gooseberries, but it is often fatal to the white pine. We ask that you avoid planting currants or gooseberries within one mile of white pines unless noted in the description.*

Bareroot: $12.00 each

Potted: $17.00 each


Nursery season has closed early for the year due to selling out. Thank you very much to our many wonderful customers! Pre-ordering for Spring 2021 will begin in February 2021

Red Lake (Sold Out 2020)

Size: 3′-6′ height & 3′-4′ spread

Prices: Bareroot $12.00, Potted:$17.00

Ripens:  July-August

Self pollinating plant produces large bright red berries on 2-3 year old wood. Very productive. Good for jams and jellies.

Consort Black Currant (Sold Out 2020)

Size: 4′-6′ height & 4′ spread

Prices: Bareroot $12.00 (Sold Out), Potted:$17.00

Ripens:  July-August

*Resistant to White Pine Blister Rust*

Black fruits borne in clusters. Very productive plants. Fruit is excellent for processing. Self pollinating.

Pink Champagne (Sold Out 2020)

Size: 4′ height & spread

Prices: Bareroot $12.00, Potted:$17.00

Ripens:  July-August

Produces beautiful translucent pink berries suitable for fresh eating or preserves.

Primus White Currant (Sold Out 2020)

Size: 3′-5′ height & spread

Prices: Bareroot $12.00, Potted:$17.00

Ripens:  July-August

Very sweet white currant. Fruit is high in Vitamin C and grows in long fruiting clusters. The sweetest currant available good for fresh eating or processing.

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