About Our Cherry Trees

Cherry availability and pricing will continue to be updated.

Cherry Tree Sizing

Our apricot trees range from 8 feet to 20 feet mature height.

Grandview Orchard Hours

Open: Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm
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Closed: Mondays
Phone: (715)216-5821

Evans Bali (Sold Out)

Sizes: 15′-20′ (mature height)

Zone: 3-8

Ripens: August

Sour cherry, but the fruit is much sweeter than other sour cherries. Good for both fresh eating and baking. Deep, dark red fruit 1” in diameter. Self-fruitful. This tree will be 15-20’. Self-fruitful.

Mesabi (Sold Out)

Sizes: 10′-14′ (mature height)

Zone: 4-8

Ripens: Early July

Red fruit with sugar content between pie cherries and “Bing” cherries. Suitable all-purpose cherry. Self-fruitful.

Sweet Cherry Pie
Sizes: 15′

Zone: 4-7

Ripens: Mid-July

Of the sour pie cherries, this may be the sweetest available. It still will not be as sweet as something like a Bing, but still suitable for fresh eating in addition to jams, jellies and pies. Wisconsin origination.

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