About Our Cherry Trees

Cherry availability and pricing will continue to be updated.

Cherry Tree Pricing

Cherry trees are $33 bare root and $46 potted.

Cherry Tree Pollination

The cherry trees are self-pollinating and do not require an additional tree.

Cherry Tree Sizing

The cherry trees are generally at least a ¾’ caliper size and are around 5′ tall with good branching (feathering).

Cherry Tree Rootstock

Cherry trees are on standard Mazzard rootstock, however, please see individual descriptions for mature heights.

Grandview Orchard Hours

Nursery Season April 21st - June 9th

Mon Closed
Tues-Thurs 10-5
Fri 10-6
Sat 8-5
Sun 10-2

Phone: (715) 216-5821

Evans Bali

Sizes: Mature height: 15-20’

Prices: Bareroot $33 Potted $46

Zone: 3-8

Ripens: August

Fruit is much sweeter than other sour cherries. Good for both fresh eating and baking. Deep, dark red fruit 1” in diameter. Self-fruitful.


Sizes: Mature height: 10-14’

Prices: Bareroot $33 Potted $46

Zone: 4-8

Ripens: Early July

Red fruit with sugar content between pie cherries and “Bing” cherries. Suitable all-purpose cherry.


Sizes: Mature height: 10-14’

Prices: Bareroot $33 Potted $46

Zone: 4-8

Ripens: Early July

Large, bright red fruit. Sour cherry good for baking and cooking.

North Star

Sizes: Mature height: 8-10’

Prices: Bareroot $33 Potted $46

Zone: 4-8

Ripens: Late June

Very productive and popular red sour pie cherry.

Sweet Cherry Pie
Sizes: Mature height: 15’
Prices: Bareroot $33 Potted $46

Zone: 4-7

Ripens: Mid-Late July

Still considered a sour cherry, sweet enough for fresh eating. Outstanding all around cherry for the home orchardist.

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