About Our Cherry Trees

Cherry availability and pricing will continue to be updated.

Cherry Tree Pricing

Cherry trees are $37.00 bare root and $55.00 potted.

*Bareroot trees include myco root dip and a tree guard.
**Potted trees include a tree guard.

Cherry Tree Pollination

Cherry trees are generally self-fruitful except where noted.

Cherry Tree Sizing

The cherry trees are generally at least a ¾’ caliper size and are around 5′ tall with good branching (feathering).

Cherry Tree Rootstock

Cherry trees are on Mazzard or Krymsk 6 rootstock. See description for mature heights.

Nursery Season is April 18th through June 6th. Pre-Ordering available now!

Burgundy Pearl (Sold Out for 2020)

Sizes: Mature height: 8′-10’

Prices: Bareroot $37.00 Potted $55.00

Zone: 4

Ripens: Mid July

Needs a pollinator such as the Hardy Black Giant. Large, sweet, dark red fruit that hangs well on the tree creating a long picking window.

Evans Bali

Sizes: Mature height: 15-20’

Prices: Bareroot $37.00 Potted $55.00 Zone: 3-8

Ripens: August

Fruit is much sweeter than other sour cherries. Good for both fresh eating and baking. Deep, dark red fruit 1” in diameter. Self-fruitful.

Hardy Black Giant (Sold Out for 2020)

Sizes: Mature height: 8′-10’

Prices: Bareroot $37.00 Potted $55.00 Zone: 4

Ripens: Mid to Late July

Needs a pollinator such as the Burgundy Pearl. Large, firm, dark fruit that is excellent for fresh eating. Old time variety.


Sizes: Mature height: 10-14’

Prices: Bareroot $37.00 Potted $55.00

Zone: 4-8

Ripens: Early July

Red fruit with sugar content between pie cherries and “Bing” cherries. Suitable all-purpose cherry.

North Star

Sizes: Mature height: 8-10’

Prices: Bareroot $37.00 Potted $55.00

Zone: 4-8

Ripens: Late June

Very productive and popular red sour pie cherry.

Sweet Cherry Pie

Sizes: Mature height: 15’
Prices: Bareroot $37.00 Potted $55.00

Zone: 4-7

Ripens: Mid-Late July

Still considered a sour cherry, sweet enough for fresh eating. Outstanding all around cherry for the home orchardist.

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