About Our Blueberries

Blueberry Pricing

*Blueberries are available potted only.  Potted: $14.50 each. Mature height ranges from 3 feet to 6 feet high.

Blueberries can be partially self-fruitful, but will do best with two or more different varieties.

Grandview Orchard Hours

Closing For the Season on 10/21/19
Our Last Day Will Be Sunday, 10/20/19

Chippewa (Sold Out)

Sizes: 30″-40″ (height)
Prices: Potted: $14.50 each
Zone: 3-7
Ripens: Late July

Sweet, large dark blue berry. Bright red fall foliage.

Nelson (Sold Out)
Sizes: 4″-6″ (height)
Prices: Potted: $14.50 each
Zone: 4
Ripens: Late July / Early August

Large berry size, high yields. A great blueberry to extend the season.

Northblue (Sold Out)
Sizes: 2″-4″ (height)
Prices: Potted: $14.50 each
Zone: 3
Ripens: Mid-Late July

Large berry size with excellent yields.

Patriot (Sold Out)

Sizes: 4′-6′ (height)
Prices: Potted: $14.50 each
Zone: 4-7
Ripens: Mid-Late July

Large, flavorful fruit. High yields.

Polaris (Sold Out)

Sizes: 3′-4′ (height)
Prices: Potted: $14.50 each
Zone: 3-7
Ripens: Early July

Aromatic, flavorful large fruit.

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