About Our Apricot Trees

Apricot Tree Pricing

The trees are $37.00 for bare root and $55.00 potted. Apricot trees are self-fruitful, but yields will increase with another apricot planted nearby.

*Bareroot trees include myco root dip and a tree guard.
**Potted trees include a tree guard.

Apricot Tree Sizing

Our apricot trees range from 10 feet to 20 feet mature height.

Nursery season has closed early for the year due to selling out. Thank you very much to our many wonderful customers! Pre-ordering for Spring 2021 will begin in February 2021

Brookcot Apricot (Sold Out for 2020)

Sizes: 10′-15′ (mature height)

Prices: Bare Root: $37.00 Potted: $55.00

Zone: 3-8

Ripens: Eearly August

This is a Manchurian seedling introduced in 1980. The semi-freestone fruit is bright yellowish orange with a red blush. Fruit is juicy with good flavor for fresh eating or canning.

Westcot Apricot (Sold Out for 2020)

Sizes: 15′-20′ (mature height)

Prices: Bare Root: $37.00 Potted: $55.00

Zone: 3-8

Ripens: August

Yellow fruit with an orange-red blush. Excellent for fresh eating or canning with a mild sweet flavor.

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